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A Good Life was started to build solutions that simplify electronic payments for consumers and retailers through the use of technology.

A Good Life’s platform simply called glo or ‘good life offers’ motivates consumers to move away from cash to electronic payments.


glo is powered by a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing with him more than ten years of experience in the electronic payments industry. We are constantly working to develop glo into a robust, secure and multi-functional platform for simplifying payments.


A Good Life was started by Koh Tze Yong , TY, and his brother, Tze Wei, in 2011. Identifying the potential to improve ease of use and security of electronic payments, TY and TW embarked on building solutions that would simplify electronic payments for all.

TY graduated with top honors in computing and holds a Masters degree in Software and Networking. Today, he is just as passionate about designing practical and usable software platforms as he is about his two young children.


Koh Tze Wei, TW, is the co-founder of A Good Life. Prior to A Good Life, he had overseen the implementation of large-scale merchant and payment terminal support systems for Singapore’s largest merchant acquirer. TW experienced first-hand the challenges of consumer adoption and merchant acceptance of all forms of electronic payments, including contact and contact-less cards, biometrics, mobile wallets and NFC. Together with TY, he believes that for electronic payments to be widely adopted, consumers must be motivated and merchant acceptance facilitated – and that is where glo comes in!

In his spare time, TW also builds his own electronic gadgets to amuse his two children and himself.


Wong Beng Yee, BY, started his career in a technology firm that specialized in financial modelling. He subsequently joined the Technology departments in several global financial institutions, where he played a pivotal role in managing large-scale systems implementations. He joined A Good Life in 2013 to develop glo into a scalable, secure and robust platform.

BY is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Data Analytics with the Singapore Management University.

Solutions at VISA FinTech Asia 2014


Simplifies e-Commerce with NFC

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A mobile payment platform that allows consumers to use their NFC-enabled phones and contact-less payment cards to carry out e-commerce transactions without the need to key in their card details into merchants’ websites.

  • Secure: No credit card information submitted

  • Convenient: No need to wait for one-time-password (OTP) via SMS

  • Merchants will encounter fewer "dropped" transactions due to consumers’ greater perception of security and convenience



mobile POS

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Allows merchants to use their NFC-enabled phones supporting NFC (Near Field Communications) to accept payments from contact-less payment cards without the need for any phone attachments or readers.


Vouchers & Coupons reinvented allows merchants to deliver personalized coupons directly to their customers' smartphones.

  • Effective with high redemption rate: Coupons and vouchers are based on personal preferences, and/or location-based eg. In-store

  • Accountability with paper-less redemptions and comprehensive reports

  • Integrated with payment for a seamless customer experience

  • Easily integrated with CRM, Point-of-sale, and other merchant systems



Comprehensive loyalty and prepaid


glo.rewards is a loyalty & prepaid platform for financial institutions and retailers to reward their customers, based on demographic profiles and/or their spending/usage patterns.

  • Comprehensive series of promotion awarding and redemption rules

  • Multiple channels for customer engagement: Internet, Mobile, Point-of-sale etc.

  • Intuitive dashboard overview with customisable reports


We’re always eager to help simplify e-payments. Please write to us!


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