Vulnerability Management for the Cloud

Vulnerability Early Warning

Continually and automatically cross references the software you are running in your AWS account, to the US national vulnerability database, to provide early warnings of the latest new known vulnerabiities that could impact the security of your vital systems.

Vulnerability Detection

Identifies exploitable vulnerabilities within or outside of your firewalls, on the assets running inside of your AWS account.

Understands the Cloud

Automatically identifies your assets in the cloud. Keeps track by instances, not by IP addresses. Dynoptica understands the structure of your cloud, in terms of instance types. It also understands security groups and firewalling, allowing you to understand the significance of the vulnerabilities being detected.


Comprehensive Display of Latest Vulnerability Exposures

The user interface provides a simple way for you to observe the latest identified security exposures, enabling you to remediate against new vulnerabilities.

Trending and Reporting of Vulnerability Data

Dynoptica scans your assets and indexes them against new exposures identified by the latest vulnerability bulletins.

Continuously Updated View of your Cloud

Dynoptica offers a real time, up to date snapshot of the security vulnerabilities affecting your cloud using the latest data available from a combination of sources.

Customizable Notifications of Newly Identified Vulnerability Exposures

Dynoptica enables you to decide what types of vulnerabilities you would like to be notified of, as well as frequency.

Prices starting from $1 per asset / mo.

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