Water Management is the Most Critical Component of Plant Health
Through technology, electronic and physical monitoring and our experience we protect plantings and the environment.
We frequently find irrigation systems not serving the landscape properly due to poor design.

Frequently irrigation design is intended to prevent the newly installed plant material from dying during the guarantee period. Most irrigation systems are static, they lack flexibility of control. Even if designers were designing and specifying the latest in available technology the part that’s missing is horticultural knowledge and experience.

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Our systems are designed to protect the home owner’s investment for the life of the garden.
We are establishing collaborative partnerships with irrigation installers and landscape designers that put more focus on plant health, with the added benefit of water conservation.
Control and Communication

Landscape irrigation systems are designed and installed to promote plant establishment. They are imperative to the success of new plantings. However, plant water requirements change drastically during a landscapes lifetime and even, from day to day. Internet technology allows us to communicate electronically to people all over the world, we can now use that same technology to let our irrigation systems speak to us. With this communication technology comes the ability to control systems remotely. It allows us to regulate water application from any internet connected device. We can adjust for wind, rain and sunlight at the swipe of a finger or a click of a mouse. Allowing us to fine-tune the amount of water for all stages of a garden’s lifecycle and vagaries of New England weather.

What does this mean to you?
  • Control means we can promote root growth, encourage more flowering and help alleviate the spread of disease
  • Irrigation systems that are vital to plant health care throughout all growth phases of a landscape, not just the establishment phase
  • Lower water usage (on average 40%) and a return on your investment generally in less than 2 years (If customers are paying for water)
    • Even if they aren’t the benefits of a healthy landscape pay dividends in other ways
We eliminate guesswork and greatly improve the efficiency of you and your staff.

When your goal is to provide premier sports turf you don’t have time to guess if your irrigation is working. Throw in multiple teams using the same field, multiple fields in different parts of town or campus, variable weather, and an ever increasing focus on player safety and your irrigation system becomes even more important.

Then there's financial and environmental concerns.

Our solutions:
  • Reduce labor required for system management
  • Enhance your ability to control your systems
  • Provide performance information and water usage data
  • Minimize water application, conserve water and save money
One of the biggest investments property owners make is in the landscape.

It is the first thing people notice about your property. If you could isolate your landscape irrigation water costs you’d find that it is the largest user of water in the building. It is also extremely inefficient and often its inefficiencies are very visible to property owners and tenants

  • A good way to preserve the existing gardens and demonstrate good stewardship of natural resources is to increase the watering efficiency of our existing systems
  • Improving irrigation efficiency is more cost effective than redesigning and planting more drought tolerant plants and turf
  • With efficient watering systems, knowledge of the existing plant types, agronomic and meteorological data we can reduce water usage by 40% and increase plant health and vitality
  • A multi-pronged approach is developed to reduce watering schedules which aligns with plant requirements and improves plant health
Smart Water Management provides consultation and design services to maximize your irrigation efficiency. We also love technology. Having created some ultra-cool spreadsheets and merged them with outstanding, dependable, state of the art tech, really floats our boat.
What does this mean for you?
  • 1

    It means if you’re looking to design or plant a garden, you should talk to us before you plant.

  • 2 It means if you’re a property manager, sports turf manager, property owner, public turf manager or interested in protecting your plant investment, you should talk to us.
  • 3 It means if you’re going for LEED credits or if you’re concerned about water as a limited natural resource, you should talk to us.
  • 4 It means if you pay for water and are on a budget, you should talk to us.

    We return the investment made in irrigation system upgrades generally in less than 2 years. After that the savings go directly to your wallet, the bottom line. Or a vacation in paradise!
We are local, we service New England and are located in beautiful Hopkinton, MA. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or supply house. We are independent. Our recommendations are and always will be for the system or upgrades we feel is best for your particular situation.
If you are a property owner, manager or landscape designer and are considering, or have irrigation, we would love to talk to you!
Have us in. Let us show you what's possible when techy horticulturists design and manage irrigation. We’ll do a presentation and we’ll even bring the food. You bring questions and we’ll all have a real good time!

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